Sunday, February 27, 2011

Treasured Memories for a Faraway Friend!

Heart and Soul...Family is Forever

My penpal, Heather, lost her father last year.  When she went back home she came across old pictures of her parents.  She shared these pictures on FACEBOOK...and I took each picture and created a digital scrapbook for her to share with her children.  This was my holiday gift for a very dear and wonderful friend, that I've never met but who always has an encouraging word or two when I most need them!! She gave me permission to share the book with my BLOG friends.  :-)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nana's Calendar

The beauty of combining digital scrapbooking and get to create amazing calendars!  I created this 2011 calendar for my mom.  She has 2 grandkids, my son, Devyn and my niece, Maia!  She was so excited when she opened up her gift on Christmas morning.  She showed it off to everyone....  :-)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Love for Digital Scrapbooking (and Traditional!) has taken over

Scrapbooking....sigh!  A magical way to express myself!

I love Scrapbooking!  If I could do it all day for a living I would.  I'm self-taught and I have a lot of learning to do.  I love combining both traditional scrapbooking with digital.  It saves me money and it saves me space.  How??  Well, as you know, scrapbooking can be costly...however, with digital scrapbooking, you are able to save money on embellishments and paper, because you are able to buy digital paper and embellishments and reuse them as many times as you want.   Also, scrapbooking takes up a lot of space and living in a small condo does not provide the luxury of leaving things out, as you work on a project.  However, with digital scrapbooking....everything you need is on the computer screen...  AMAZING!!

My favorite software is called iScrapbook 3.   You can find it  at

 What is Digital Scrapbooking? 

Article found at
Basically, Digital Scrapbooking is just another form of capturing & preserving your memories.  You use a graphics  or photo editing program to design your pages.
The most commonly used programs are Adobe Photoshop (PS), Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE), Jasc Paint Shop Pro (PSP), Microsoft Digital Image Pro (DIP) or Ulead Photo Impact (PI). It is also possible to use other programs such as FotoFusion, but does not have the same capabilities as the other programs. (see our other articles on each program)
We are surrounded by email, the internet, computers, digital cameras, iPods, etc.
Technology is all around us.  So, naturally, the next step in scrapbooking is digital scrapbooking!
Whether you want to incorporate 1% or 100% digital in your scrapbooking, 2PS digital experts are here to help.
What are some advantages of going digital?

Photo Enhancement:  Photos can be uploaded from your digital camera right into your computer. Or, you can scan your photos & edit them in your photo editing program.  Using your computer to digitally edit the photos is half the fun.  With the programs that are out these days, you can apply various techniques, filters, add text or even create collages with your photos.  You can change a color photo to black & white, leave it black & white but only have a spot of color for added interest, create a sepia photo, or add designs & artistic photo edges to your photos. And what about Photo Restoration?
Yes. You can do that as well & we are here to teach you.  How about enhancing your photos’ colors, or taking out a distracting backgournd. Yes, you can do it all, digitally!

Printing Options:  A huge plus for digital scrapbooking is the ability  to print out layouts multiple times to put in various albums.  No longer do we need to duplicate the entire page for each album, we can just print out multiples.  And the printing options are amazing.  Once you have the page complete, you can either upload it to an online picture printing source, such as 2Ps Pictures or you can print them at home.  If you want to print out 12x12 pages, you’d need a wide format printer.  A lot of digital scrapbookers have found that 8x8 pages are great, too, because you can print out on a regular format printer.
The inks, papers & possibilities are endless; from printing out on aritistic ink jet papers, to using the acid free long life inks for various printers, there’s something for everyone.
Another great idea, is to create a coffee table style book.  There are many online companies that will let you upload your completed layouts & print & bind them into a memorable keepsake.  I did one for my mom & then, decided to create the same book for each member of my family as Christmas gifts.  It was easy to do & everyone loved them.
Undo:  How many times have you made a scrapbooking mistake & either had to throw something out or tear it apart?  Well, in Digital Scrapbooking, if you ever make a mistake or place something you don’t like, there is the trusty ‘undo’ button.

Less Mess:  No more clutter. No more sticky papers on your shoes when you walk away from your scrapbook pages.  All of your digital scrapbook supplies are in your computer or on CD/DVDs.  The only organization & clean up you need to do is in your computer!

Mixing Digital with Paper:  You can also combine digital with traditional scrapbooking.  

Creating a Scrapbook Room!

Before--Messy Office/Storage Room 

After--A Bright & Awesome Scrapbooking Room!